ENERGY REBATES   (Find out how)

 solar rebates Did you know that by changing your lights to LED and in addition to saving 50 to 80 percent on your utility bill each month, you can get even more money back to help pay for your new lighting?

It sounds untrue, but it can happen with energy rebates. The incentives offered by states as well as your local utility companies can put cash in your pocket for transitioning to energy-efficient appliances in your home. The funny thing is, very few people actually take advantage of this.  

There are many forms of Rebates available. There are federal tax credits, utility rebates,city and community rebates and manufactures rebates . Because there are so many different rebates available. 

When it comes to federal tax rebates, a tax credit is generally more valuable than an equivalent tax deduction because a tax credit reduces tax dollar-for-dollar, while a deduction only removes a percentage of the tax that is owed. Consumers can itemize purchases on their federal income tax form, which will lower the total amount of tax they owe the government.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 extended many consumer tax incentives originally introduced in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) and amended in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-343). Now this act can take days of reading over and over again to fully understand it so I am going to keep it simple and applicable to Commercial Building Lighting.

The Interim Lighting Rule is a slide scale that ranges from 25% of savings for a $.30 per square foot tax cut all the way to a maximum of 40% of savings for a $.60 per square foot tax cut. Warehouses must achieve a 50% reduction in power in order to qualify for a $.60 per square foot tax credit. So generally if you convert your lighting to LED which normally saves 50% or more you may be eligible for a $.60 per square foot tax credit.

Utility and local rebates vary drastically so it would be difficult for me to explain every rebate in every state but check out This website lists all the rebates available in your state.

I am sure you too will be impressed and amazed at all the rebates available. So what are you waiting for? You have budgets to cut this year so why not start with your lighting, the easiest and quickest way to save and get money back from Uncle Sam!

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