• LED Light Tube
  • LED Light TubeWe LED light tubes include plant grow light, LED Stent Light, as well as other light tubes which are widely used in offices, supermarkets, warehouses, etc. Energy efficient, long lasting and environmentally friendly, they are very popular with customers all over the world. 
    Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS ...
  • LED Light Bulb
  • LED Light BulbWe LED light bulb uses advanced high power LED as the light source. With the advantages of high brightness and luminous efficacy (60Lm/W), it is an ideal product for replacing traditional incandescent bulb. For example, our 3W LED light bulb is about as bright as a 25W incandescent bulb. 
    We LED light bulb is widely used for indoor lighting applications in offices, shopping malls ...
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street LightWe LED street light uses a convection cooling device for great heat dissipation and low temperature rise. 
    The newly designed plow connector makes it possible to install the lighting fixture at different angles. 
    The LED modular design results in convenient maintenance.
    High voltage, constant current power supply contributes to the stable performance of our LED street light.
  • LED Spotlight
  • LED SpotlightUsing high power LED as the light source, We LED spotlight provides high brightness, high luminous efficacy (60Lm/W) and wide color temperature range (2700K-10000K). 
    The external radiator made of 6063 aluminum extrusion, coupled with optimal blade clearance design, ensures great heat dissipation capacity, which helps extend the service life of the LED spotlight.
  • LED Downlight
  • LED DownlightOptical reflection shade design, together with unique inner coating, ensures high luminous efficacy and makes light soft and well distributed. 
    Our LED downlight is designed with heat dissipation in mind, which results in a lamp body temperature of less than 20 centi-degree ...
  • LED Panel Light
  • LED Panel LightWe LED panel light is environmentally friendly as it contains no hazardous substances such as mercury, generates no UV rays and causes no noise.
    12V low voltage external power supply ensures safe and reliable use of the LED light. 
    The use of acrylic panel with high light transmission enables our LED panel light to emit soft light without glare...
  • LED Wall Washer Light
  • LED Wall Washer LightThe lamp body is made of aluminum alloy, which is high-strength and impact resistant. The surface has undergone oxidation treatment. 4 mm tempered safety glass offers high light transmittance. 
    The lighting fixture and electrical components are integrated into one unit for easy installation and convenient adjustment.

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