Turtle Creek Mall                       Jonesboro, Arkansas

 The Mall at Barnes crossing    Tupelo, Mississippi

Traditional forms of advertising, such as television commercials, magazine ads, and
 internet have become less effective. It’s easy for consumers to mute, walk away, click away,
fast-forward, or  ignore such efforts. Also, traditional advertisements tend to get lost in
a sea of other ads making it incredibly difficult for them to make an effective advertising campaign.
However, there is one type of advertisement capable of reaching
consumers when they are undistracted and receptive to
receiving messages.

Indoor advertising engages consumers
from an uncluttered, eye level
vantage point, making it unavoidable
Here are some of the advantages
indoor advertising provides to your brand.

* Captive Audience

* Precise Consumer Targeting

* A good branding Strategy

* 84.4% viewers recall seeing a specific ad

* avg viewed by a captive audience 10-15 times in one seating

Barnes Crossing Mall Tupelo, Mississippi

The Mall at Turtle Creek Jonesboro, Arkansas